Gowri Visweswaran

Thanks for visiting my website. I am a Research Scientist and technologist in the Washington DC metro area (USA). I have worked in a variety of organizations including Verisign, IETF(volunteer), NTEX-X, AOL and MKS Software. I am focused on Open Source initiatives and projects like getdns, openssl and other projects in the realm of security and privacy. My interests include DNS research and development, including DNS Security and Privacy with DNSSEC and TLS, DNS Service Discovery, the getdns API and its language bindings. I am involved at the IETF and am a part of the IETF Mentoring team. I strongly support the code behind the drafts principle and am a part of the winning Hackathon teams at the IETF in 2015. Outside of technology, I enjoy painting, martial arts, and activities with my two children. I am very interested in promoting STEM, programming and Robotics at the high schools and am a mentor at the Robotics team at Westfield High School.

I am a dedicated Computer Science tutor in C/C++,Java and Python and committed to STEM education at the school and college level. Check out my profile on Wyzant here

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